This blog provides an avenue of intentional and dialogical engagement on topics I am interested in, namely organizational leadership, productivity, and faith. It is my aim, then, to write, initiate, and engage with these topics foremost for the further praise and glory of God, second for my own internalizing process, and finally for the edification of others.


It is my goal that this blog exists to intentionally spread influence in the matters of leadership, productivity, and the integration of faith.

Who I Am

My name is Ryan. I am a follower of Jesus. husband of Julia. father of JJ. reader of books. writer of stuff. leader. HR professional for University  of Northwestern – Saint Paul. sabbath advocate.

I am just a sojourner on this earth. I love asking questions and I find joy in the journey to answer them. I ask you, would you join me as I explore: how should we then live and lead?