#TwentyFive #Gonna Thrive – 2 Month Status Update

(Author’s Note: I started this blog on Friday, June 21; however, I was interrupted by the biggest thunderstorm I have seen in the Midwest. Flash floods and winds up to 70 mph. Needless to say, I sought safe cover immediately. When I was able to resume, we lost power for 8 hrs. The dates therefore, are a few days off)

If you follow me on Twitter you are aware that starting the day I turned 25 I have tweeted about various activities with the hashtags #TwentyFive #GonnaThrive. These tweets are related to a larger objective to live intentionally this year and pursue life goals, establish desirable habits, an increase overall wellbeing. This started 2 months ago today, and I thought it would be great to provide an update about this and share with you the 5 movements of my #TwentyFive #GonnaThrive campaign.

The Start of #TwentyFive #GonnaThrive

The Start of #TwentyFive #GonnaThrive

The First Movement: Digital

My first goal was to digitize my life. I’ve written about my unsuccessful attempt to read the Bible digitally here, but that is just one area. I have moved to taking all notes (sermon, Sunday school, small group, and meeting) on my phone or tablet, I journal completely in Evernote (writing on that soon), and am trying to read books electronically (when I catch up on my queue, they will be electronic). The primary motivation factor in the digital trend was to archive in a meaningful and accessible way all of my journaling, notes, thoughts, meetings, and ideas. It’s going really well, and I wouldn’t go back…unless the power goes out indefinitely…

The Second Movement: Sleep & Morning Routine

My second goal was to increase the quality of my sleep while still being able to start my day 30–45 minutes before I had to. This goal is most definitely the hardest to balance with life, work, and grad school; I seem to either wake up early enough or sleep well enough. Never both in the same 10-hour window. (Ideally, I’d like to sleep 7 hours, from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.). As an analyst I love data, and consequently purchased the Sleep Cycle App to help me measure the length, quality, and progress of my sleep. It works quite well! But still a lot of improvement to be enjoyed on this goal.

The Third Movement: Reading

My third goal is to read more books outside of grad school. I can speed read (about 600+ words per minute) so I can fly through content pretty fast; I need only to make the time for reading. My goal is 30 minutes a day (which is 18,000 words/day, or 72 pages(average)/day, or two, 200-page books/week). This is achievable, however I find that I am not able to carve out 30 minutes a day consistently. (On average I read 150–200 pgs/week).

The Fourth Movement: Health

My fourth goal is to “workout” more. Very SMART I know. The hope is to do pushups/crunches every morning, lift weights twice a week, and run at least twice a week. Again, achievable, but I simply have not cut out enough time to do this. I may need to alternate this goal with my reading goal and find a good balance here.

The Fifth Movement: Writing

The renewed interested in maintaing this blog is evidence of my fifth goal, to write. Of course I am not able to write as often as I would prefer, but I find my writing creativity coming more consistently than in months past. And I have enjoyed writing, which is the most significant difference this time.

That’s a quick look at my 2-month #TwentyFive #GonnaThrive goals. I’ll be sure to mark my progress and update you in another 2-months. But now I ask you, Do you regularly set goals for your self-improvement? What goals are you most inclined to set? What goals are you most likely to fail in achieving?

Would love to hear from you!



  1. This is cool.
    1. I love the Sleep Cycle app!
    2. 600+ words/minute. Please teach me!
    3. Good to see you writing more.
    I’ve been trying to set more goals for writing. I have been writing more consistently, almost every day, but not posting as much as I want (with the goal being once a week). I have a lot of goals for this next work year as well, which help keep me motivated to pursue new things/professional development.

      1. No clue. The standard comment program with the Twenty Eleven theme, with come minor modifications in the settings (so it says “Engage in this discussion” instead of the standard, awful “Comment below”). Hope that helps…?

    1. Jenna!
      1. I’m glad you’re a fan of the Sleep Cycle app, it’s awesome!
      2. I’ll gladly teach you, but speed reading is a skill–so you’re better off getting this book: http://www.amazon.com/Breakthrough-Rapid-Reading-Peter-Kump/dp/073520019X
      3. Thanks! I appreciate that! It’s been great to write non-academically and non-professionally again.

      I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve been writing more–as I’ve said before it’s a joy to read your work–the writings of one who has found her voice!

      I’ve probably told you this too, but the Byword Mac application helps me write the posts and copy the HTML into WordPress. Because let’s be real, the WordPress HTML post writer/editor is hideous. I’ll try to send you more info on it, but Byword has helped that transition from writing to posting.

      Way to set professional goals–I find these hard at times to set and achieve (notice they’re not a part of my five movements). Depending on the work environment it is hard to set realistic goals within your current position without the environment getting unhealthy. I haven’t found how to do that most effectively, yet.

      Thanks for sharing, friend!

  2. I love and admire your desire to continue to learn, grow and to live intentional in all aspects of life! Thank you for leading me so well!

  3. gonna steal this from you in September. Beginning to pray through what my intentional goals will be right now, but in general just think the idea is amazing.

    A pastor once rocked my world by breaking down life for me, thought the quote would be fitting to share with you here:

    “By the time you’re twenty-five you want to start building your life’s work, when you’re thirty-five you need to find someone to start apprenticing, at forty-five you want to pass it off, and at fifty five you want to ensure the health of your apprentices and finish well.”

    1. Nick–please steal it, and use it! It’s been a great thing to implement this year, and hopefully form a lifelong habit to live intentionally.

      Thanks for sharing that quote–fitting, and also a reminder that starting now (twenty-something) we can never prepare for the next season of life enough.

      Look forward to hearing your goals and progress starting in September!

  4. Well, I’m late to the party (since I’ve been pretty unplugged from blogs and social media for the past few weeks), but it’s good to hear an update. I’m hoping to put together some of my own goals a week from this Saturday. Actually, that would be my first goal…

    1. Glad you could “join in,” Ben! How are those goals coming? The hardest part is making time for them, and I hope you are able to find the time!

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