Welcome home, Marine

Over New Year’s we had the privilege to host our dear friends from California. Our wives are best of friends and are the glue of our friendship; he is a Marine, just recently back from deployment. We last saw them a year ago right before his deployment and were overjoyed to see them again! Below is a poem I wrote on my emotions and reflections on our time together and my time with him. I was moved deeply and hope you can experience that through my words. (For you actual poets out there, go easy on me.)

After an extended absence, reunited
A welcoming hug, firm, but rehearsed.
Warmth spreading, smiles regained
A friendship forged made refined
By our wives, kindred spirits revived.
Jovial times shared in laughter roaring,
With food, games, and drink saw a year reborn.

Now drawing my earthen vessel rare,
A man of war, enjoying simple recourses.
You are home now, Marine, how do I repay
For deeds accomplished? Such a small reward,
Deserving much more, I can only remember
This time now together, forevermore.


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