Productivity, the killer of Rest

I stood in front of the microwave earlier today at work, tapping my foot impatiently as I watched each painful second countdown from 90. Why hadn’t I brought my phone with me? I could have replied to an e-mail, read a book for school, post something pithy on Twitter. “I could be so much more productive right now with my phone.” But no, I left it sitting on my desk. “Rookie mistake,” I told myself, “I’ll be sure to carry it with me the rest of the day for moments such as this.”

Then I got to thinking for the remaining 45 digits on the microwave, productivity is a rest-killer.

I had coffee yesterday morning with a good brother and we talked about having the strength of “Achiever” and how we constantly strive to get things done. Often at the risk of other priorities we hold. We struggle with rest; with balance.

As humans we need rest. Physically we rest every night, approximately one-third of the day, for all of our lives. Hebrews 3 & 4 talk of spiritual rest. God created the Sabbath for us (for both these types of rest), and yet I refuse this rest incessantly, often under the guise of “productivity.”

Nuking that meal today at lunch reminded me to stop. Slow down. Delight myself in the Lord. Allow myself to enter into the rest he has prepared for me (this side of eternity). There is a time to be a diligent worker, certainly. But maybe there’s just as much a need to simply rest.

How should we then live? I am not sure, I still strive for a balance in my life. Even though sometimes I feel like I rest adequately, I know I can be even more still. Even more quiet.

What do you think, is productivity a killer of rest? Are you able to enter into the rest prepared for you today? How do you balance rest and achievement/productivity in your life?  I would love to hear your thoughts below!


One comment

  1. Being busy was a subject that came up in our men’s study last night.
    It is very easy to get busy in today’s world,and confusing that with productivity.
    Some men spoke of how life has pulled their attention away from the important things,family,their relation with God or just enjoying down time.
    It was amazing how few of the men actually rest,take a day off and turn off the world.

    There is a reason God told us to rest,it’s for our good,spirtually and physically.

    Personally I try to take one day off from the world and just rest,no outside distractions.
    Just the Word and time in quiet thought.

    Back to the world.

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