Guest post on Sanctified Sinner blog.

I'm thinking, thinking, thinking...

I have been itching to write a blog post all week, and the truth of the matter is I have been writing one all week! My grade school friend Nick, who authors the blog Sanctified Sinner, called me and asked if I would write a guest blog post on his “Thursday is for Thinking” segment. I was speechless for a few seconds; I was–and I am–honored that he would ask me. I was so excited that I began working on it right after we got off the phone.

It’s been an interesting process of writing this week. The purpose of the segment is to promote sound thinking and encourage others to see things differently. At first (and don’t do this) I tried to write by my own inspiration, and I thought I had it. For a few years now (literally, ask my wife) I have been writing and journaling in my personal life about the Sabbath and an eternity worldview that I see lacking in our Christian context in America. But this is a topic very dear to me, and I couldn’t do it justice in ~1,500 words on a guest blog post; so I scrapped that idea (don’t worry, it’s definitely coming soon!).

Instead of telling God what I was going to write on, I started to ask him. And ask him, and ask. Then a light bulb went off in my head, “God, do you want me to ask about asking? About questions?” Then the thoughts, outline, text, and examples began flooding to mind. Apparently so! These questions aren’t about praying about God’s will, but rather constructing a method of asking good, solid questions that will lead to legit thoughts. I asked a few close friends to me that I look up to as great question-askers (a deep thank you to Brandon, Michael, and Julia), studied how Jesus asked questions, and began to hammer out what the Lord was showing me.

So please, I’d be honored if you would visit the blog, read it, and post your thoughts and comments. My goal isn’t to say I’m the greatest thinker, or that I ask the best questions, but to equip you to formulate a strategy to methodically dig deeper in the questions you ask. I’m convinced asking questions is a life long process, so join in the journey with me!


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