under the influence…

Minority Report (2002) Directed by Steve Spielberg.

This film has a few things that I most enjoy in a movie.
First, the chief film resemblance in the sci-fi genre is one of my all-time favorites:  Blade Runner (1982).  These movies share a strong theme (motif for those who are particular about literary science) of the eyes.  Eyes define a person, identify a person, change a person, and images received through the eyes are lasting, scarring, and a supreme joy.
Second, Minority Report, though clumsily, opens a great theological debate that I am constantly swinging between like a pendulum: Choice & Predestination.  In the film crime is stopped before it can happen, most notably homicides.  Can a person choose a different future (“alternate reality”) after the same sees their future?  Can it change?  Or does that define the vision of the future?  Can I choose God, or does God completely choose me?
Lastly, time. I am fascinated with time and time travel. Although this film is entirely linear in passage of time, it is driven by a sense of time–time remaining until the precrime actually happens.  Another facet of time in this film is for one of the characters.  She is constantly seeing these visions into the future, always what is ahead, seldom if ever on what is now. She has lost touch with reality, with what is now.  Now.  What is now?  And am I truly living in the now, not in the future where I cannot live?  Not in the past with things irrevocably done?  Now.  Here.



  1. Have you seen the movie Gattica? It touches on similar issues and themes and has just as much substance to mull over. Plus, I might have to say I like it athestically even more than Minority Report…bold statement, I know. 🙂 I’m loving the blog so far. Well done, my friend!

    1. Anne, I haven’t seen Gattica, although this isn’t the first time it’s been suggested to me; I should really check it out! Have you seen Bruce Willis’ Surrogates? As I was reflecting these two have similar themes approached at different angles, very humanity focused.

      Thanks for reading…I have enjoyed catching up on the Summer’s life via your blog. It’s been a joy 🙂

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