a year of firsts…

This year, chronologically speaking, has been quite the year for firsts:

1) My first year of marriage
2) My first Christmas away from my parents and siblings
3) My first time driving a U-Haul truck
4) My first 15 inch snow blizzard experience
5) My first blog experience.

Of all these firsts, blogging, second to marriage, is one that I have looked forward to with great enthusiasm.  I have been meaning to start a blog since my junior year at Northwestern College (IA) back in Fall of 2007.  But with the utmost diligence to procrastination as I could afford, I have put it off until this year.  I have a number of goals and purposes of starting a blog:

1) I find that I can best process deeper thoughts by writing, or typing, them out.  And as long as I am typing, I might as well post it somewhere that I can actually find it, instead of some folder on my hard drive somewhere titled something ridiculous (Like Charles Wallace), and have it password protected with some gibberish I thought I could remember, like veritas.
2) All my friends seem to blog, tweet, or facebook-status-update, I thought, “Hey, why not?”
3) The act and art of blogging is a great source of accountability for any aspiring writer.  And yes while I may have high dreams, lofty ideals, and a heart that loves to read and write, I may never write a single book, but at least this encourages such dreams instead of watching them float on by.
4) My dear wife, Julia, suggested I start a blog.  And wouldn’t you know, it was one of my 2011 New Year Resolutions.

What is the nature of this blog?  Well if the former did not give you any inclination: it is my intent to use this blog as a way for me to process thoughts, theology, faith, struggles, questions etc.  By no means am I an expert.  By no means do I have the answers.  But by all means am I willing to be diligent to show myself an approved workman, unashamed of the Gospel.

So bear with me as I get this going and off the ground, and come join in with me–in my journey of a road less traveled…



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